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TIktok movie adaptation

IN short

Tiktok is an app on the rise and since it’s reach is still very organic, the time is now for all kinds of organisations to educate people on how to use the app. Universities, marketing agencies, commercial companies but also non-profit organisations could profit if they jump on the bandwagon in time. Zeeman & The city of Ostend are great examples.

In this workshop people get acquainted with all Tiktok’s basic tools by adapting their favourite movie into a series of Tiktok clips. The workshops starts with a small introduction to the app, it’s history and a interactive tour of the app through some quizzes. This gives them the basic knowledge they need to create their Tiktok feature film. With the movie structure as guide, it has proven to be a lot easier for beginners to get over their “creative block” and start creating videos. In the end they feel more comfortable with the app and ready to be creative with personal or professional content.


  • Timing: 2 hours - 1 day (Can be adapted to the needs of the client)

  • Format: Online or on site workshop

  • Language: Dutch / English


TIKTOK Movie Adapation
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