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Popping Bubbles

I chose the name "Popping Bubbles" for my company because it’s my ambition to pop three types of bubbles. The first is inequality by involving minorities on all levels in my projects and focus on inclusive themes in a refreshing way. In addition, I want to break through social bubbles by bringing creatives together and creating opportunities through MACKY. Finally, I try to debunk ignorance by informing people about LGBTQAI+ themes, social media and youth media as a speaker, workshop facilitator and through social media.

Charlie Dewulf



+32 472 06 29 24
BE 0678.686.135




You want to work together? Great! If you send me an e-mail or call me about an exciting project,

please take into account that as a non-binary person, I use the pronouns they/them or in dutch die/hun.

As gender neutral title I use Mx instead of Mr, Miss Or Mrs.


Someone who does not feel at home in the binary gender categories man or woman

and feels better with a non-binary gender


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Some of these clips, articles refer to me as Charlotte.

As a non-binary person I feel more comfortable with a genderneutral name so in 2019 I changed my name to Charlie.

ClIps & articles

In De Lift - Interview (in Dutch)

In this podcast I talked with In De Lift about failure, setbacks and how to come out stronger than before. 


Failing, we don't want to, but we all do it sometimes. But the worst thing is, that after it happens we silence it. But perhaps it is important to talk a little more about the things that did not turn out as we originally hoped. Is failure actually as bad as we think? Or does it take us further than we could have ever been if we hadn't  failed? We spoke with director, storyteller, consultant & connector Charlie Dewulf, about failures and setbacks, which factors determine your success & the film industry.

Podcast in de lift.png