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Persiphone is looking at tampons. She can’t decide which tampons she wants to buy. There is something odd about this girl but we cannot really point out what. After a little boy has helped her choose tampons, she goes to the check-out. When the cashier asks her to pay, she does not know what to do. Eventually the cashier sends her to an ATM around the corner and this is where her search for money begins. Sadly it’s not an easy search and the longer the search takes, the more we realize that Persiphone does not really know a lot about our customs. When she finally finds money, she returns to the store, but a robbery is going on at that same moment. Persiphone just wants to buy her tampons but when the robber threatens her, she loses her cool and we discover why she was acting strange all this time.


  • Role: Screenwriter & Director

  • Genre: Live action fantasy

  • Format: Shortfilm

  • Production: RITCS - school of arts

  • Date: 2015

  • Cast: Celine Verbeeck, Anemone Valcke, Boris Van Severen, Jonas Vermeulen.


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