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After her mother is admitted to a mental institution, 17-year-old Olivia Jacobs is forced to move in with her father, a famous talk show host who left his family shortly after Olivia's birth. When Olivia receives a tablet from her mother on January 1, it slowly but surely changes her life. After months of literally hostile silence to her "new family" (father, stepmother and 17-year-old stepsister), she starts speaking again to record videos. First at the request of her mother who wants to keep up to date with her life, but soon Olivia slips and starts documenting her disastrous love life.


Having no idea how to conquer the heart of her Great Love Max, she decides to test love tips on him. These put her in strange situations where she becomes intrigued by the psychological side of love. For example, how do certain neurons in our brain make someone fall in love ... and stay? ("I don't want to experience what my mom and dad went through!") We are gradually discovering why Olivia is so interested in the psychology of love and witnessing how she finds it herself: in her own family, the old and new, and above all: for themselves.


  • Role: Screenwriter, Director & Social Media Storyteller

  • Genre: ROMCOM

  • Target audience: 12- 18 year old

  • Format: Webseries

  • Phase: Script

  • Production company: Potemkino


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