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Eefje dark blue


Eefje Dark Blue lives happily in her dark blue house with dark blue chairs, a dark blue table, a dark blue bed, in fact everything in Eefje her house is dark blue. Even her best friend Antonio, her dark blue fish.


Sometimes Eefje feels a bit lonely in that large blue house so Eefje decides to get to know the grey people of her town. Enthusiastically, she puts up a blue stand in the middle of the grey city to sell blueberry jam. But the grey people think Eefje is weird and are not interested in her jam and they are definitely not interested in talking to her. She loses courage and decides that she does not need anybody else. She could not be happier alone in her dark blue house. But what if she encounters a sweet yellow prince?


  • Role: Director 

  • Genre: Fantasy fairytale

  • Target audience: 6 - 9 year old

  • Format: Shortfilm

  • Production company: Potemkino

  • Cast: Celine Verbeeck & Joren Seldeslachts

  • Release date: 2014

  • Extra: Adaptation of the children’s book Eefje Dark Blue


  • Het jeugdfilmfestival (Belgium)

  • Ciné Public (Belgium)

  • TUMULTgent (Belgium)

  • Youngabout Filmfestival (Italy)

  • BIFFF- Brussels international Fantastic Film Festival (Belgium)

  • Seoul International Youth Film Festival (South-Korea)

  • Cinékid for Professionals (Netherlands)

  • Brussels internationaal kinderfilmfestival (Belgium)

  • Courtmétrage Rennes (France)


  • CinéPublic – Best Cinematography

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