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Cool abdoul

IN short

The movie Cool Abdoul is an adaptation of the life of Ismail Abdoul. As Digital Marketing Producer I developed the visual style and campaign strategy for the shoot and release of the movie. I managed a team of 8 interns to develop, shoot, edit and release content on social media. Our team managed the website, instagram, facebook and tiktok account of the movie. We worked on snackable content like quotes, set recap stories and vlogs. Next to that we shot high quality set interviews for the release of the film and engaged all kinds of ambassadors to lead traffic to our channels. Lastly we organised set visits and training events with Ismail Abdoul to create an authentic bond with our followers.


  • Role: Digital Marketing Producer

  • Format: Social Media Marketing Campaign

  • Date: 2020

  • Company: Potemkino

  • Social media: Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok



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