My name is Charlie Dewulf.

My favourite food are chickpeas; I mean falafel and hummus! 

My favourite thing in the world is a bubble blower.

My pronouns are they an them.

I was born in a small but inspiring town called Menen, went to film school at the RITCS in the capital city of  Brussels, and eventually ended up in Ghent, Belgium.

I can't stand bullies but love chocolate.

I'm always dancing and oh, I can ride a unicycle.

But that's probably not why you’re here!



Popping bubbles with stories that  inspire and connect

Currently writing two feature films with the support of the Flemish Audiovisual Fund. ‘Marit & The Maximarket’, a live action adventure and ‘Mitten & the Minimen’ a stopmotion fairytale. In addition, I have two VR-experiences and two webseries in different stages of development.


Let me help you pop your bubble

I'm fascinated by the next generation and the way they consume media. My curiosity  goes especially to crossmedia, social & digital storytelling. Moreover, I get absolutely excited by helping people figuring out the next thing in their stories, businesses, brands,... I’m always happy to share my knowledge and if you give me a mic I'll gladly do it in front of a crowd.


Bringing people together around topics that need popping.

I founded MACKY, an talent hub and agency that unites creatives with a heart for youth media. Secondly, I'm starting up a collective named "The Unimâls" that brings together unique talent popping stereotipical bubbles.